"I just had my first massage at Zen Holistics, and I was very pleased with the experience. Tora is fabulous at her job. Not only did she make me feel at ease right away, she was extremely professional. She asked about particular areas that were sore, and what I was looking to achieve with the massage. I felt relaxed from the second it began, and the hour flew by. She focused on the areas I asked her to, and I left feeling the best I've felt in a long time. It was absolutely one of the best massages I have ever had--and at a very reasonable price. Simply stated, it is a high-end spa-quality massage without the high-end spa price tag. I will be back...and often!" - Jennifer G. - Chantilly, VA



 “After a total knee replacement two years ago, I still suffer daily pain around my knee and along my quadriceps. Something is just not right! Tora has been working to help realign the muscles and work out the knots that arise from being “out of balance”. When I leave her office, I feel “lighter” and I definitely walk much better. I only wish I could start the day like that every day! Tora also alleviated some back pain after a weekend of heavy lifting-- in just one session. She definitely listens and addresses problem areas. The result? Alleviation of pain and a feeling of well being." - Louise G. - Chantilly, VA

"Before I received my first massage from Tora, I had no idea what “trigger points” were. After our session, I not only knew what they were, but I learned what it felt like to have them treated and removed. Trigger points are knotted up muscle fibers that can cause varying degrees of pain and can contribute to range of motion issues. I have spent years lifting weights, practicing Jujitsu and other forms of martial arts. I am also close to 300 lbs., (mostly muscle), and in my mid thirties I had adjusted to lingering back pain and shoulder issues caused by powering out of Jujitsu holds instead of using technique.

Tora showed me that pain did not need to be a part of my daily life. Before the massage, Tora consulted with me to review all of my major problem areas. She told me what to expect from the massage. I received a deep tissue massage and I could instantly feel the relief as she worked on different stress points. Thanks to the massage, I am able to stretch properly and have been able to add military presses to my workout routine for the first time in over 5 years. For anyone who works out regularly or who has built up stress, I can think of no better natural cure than a massage with Tora. I look forward to my next session. "  - Robert W. - Reston, VA


"I have experienced massages from different practitioners throughout the years, but I've found the most successful--and lasting--results with Tora. She has consistently been able to get through to and release the painful and persistent trigger points that I chronically suffer--due to a combination of stress and an injury in 2008--and which lodge themselves in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I see her on a regular basis and her talent, skills and knowledge keep those pesky trigger points at bay. I feel as pain-free as I did before the injury.” - Roxy M.- Denver, CO